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Tauranga’s Heating and Lighting Specialists

Electricity isn’t just the wiring under your house or the switchboard under your desk. Electricity powers all of your creature comforts. If you want to keep your rooms lit and your home warmed then go to Complete Electrical Services for all your heating and lighting needs.

Controlling Your Temperature

Our electrical heating services aren’t just about keeping things hot, they’re about keeping those cool too. We can help you correct the temperature in your house with our wide range of maintenance and installation services. These include:

  • Electrical heating repairs
  • Electrical heating maintenance 
  • Industrial electrical services
  • Refrigeration maintenance and repair
  • Installation

Turning on the Lights

We can take care of all of your lighting needs for your home or office. No job is too big or small. We can create a complete lighting plan that’s great for your room or just replace a globe. Our lighting services include:
  • Globe replacement
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Security lighting
  • Lighting products
  • Lighting plans
  • Energy saving options


Whether it’s a new globe, some spare parts or your heating supplies, we always supplement our expertise with great electrical products. You can be sure that we can fit efficient, powerful and long lasting options for you.

For all your electrical heating and lighting call us on 0800 237 835.
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